A Momentous Occassion

I've spent the morning doing the calculations, and one year ago today, Maud and I crossed the border into California.

It's our Californaversary!!!

This is cause for celebration. Champagne anyone?
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Mixin' It Up

Since I'm new here, and we don't know each other all that well, I can't really join in all the What-One-Adjective-Describes-Me meme fun. So, I'll turn it on its head and ask. . .

What one word describes you?

If you want to venture a guess on a word for me, feel free. There's a two-for-one special here at my LJ!

I'll get things started. I am

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Get This Party Started

My friends are having a party this weekend, and I've been charged with the music. Now is your chance to prove you love me more than Maud by suggesting your favorite party songs.

I'm not sure how this proves you love me more than Maud (or why you would), but it does. So, suggest away!!
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An Introductory Verse

I have a bossy roommate,
'Round these parts she goes by maudgonne;
I never wanted a LiveJournal,
But somehow now I have one.

She always makes me do things,
Like go to Pizza Hut;
Sometimes it's all I can do,
To keep myself from punching her in the gut.

I think I like mswalter better.
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